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Discover who we are and what we do

About Fintech Solutions

Fintech Solutions is a technology and solutions driven consultancy agency that lives by the purpose of creating the financial services of tomorrow. 

Helping financial players build truly digital produts, with faster experiments and in connection to the fintech ecossystem.


Our Story

Portugal Fintech, established in 2016, is the pioneering non-profit Fintech community in Portugal, encompassing a diverse network of individuals and companies ranging from startups to established players. As the corporate sector began encountering new challenges requiring tailored solutions, Fintech Solutions stepped in to help build the products and solutions that take the best out of the fintech ecosystem.

Fintech Solutions emerged as the independent consulting arm of Portugal Fintech in late 2020. From the provision of scouting and matchmaking services Fintech Solutiongs grew to a end to end fintech partner, providing product design services along with corporate innovation managements services.

By venturing into the co-creation of new financial solutions, we have embraced our role as catalysts for transformation


Today, Fintech Solutions is dedicated to shaping the future of financial services through collaborative efforts and fostering the growth of all stakeholders within the fintech ecosystem.


Our Purpose is to be builders not consultants, bringing the heart of the fintech ecosystem to the decision process

We are aware of the transformative power of fintech and we strive to make that our main message.

Crunching the numbers


startups scouted in fintech and insurtech verticals


fintech focused innovation program launched in Portugal


pilots conducted in the market


design thinking sessions performed and CX journeys designed in credit, insurance, onboarding, loyalty, etc.


We connect you to

the fintech ecosystem


Go beyond. Dive into the solutions for your challenges. 

Our team is ready to help you explore ideas and turn them into reality.

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