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Product Design & Advisory

Discovering and building the digital journeys that your clients dream


User Journey Research & Product Benchmark

Costumer-centric approach

Unlock market potential and gain a competitive edge. Fintech Solutions focuses on understanding customer behaviors and identifying unmet needs to draw actionable insights to empower informed decision-making.


Designing the future journey for Pension Plans

Explore the benchmark landing page and prototype for Pension Plan subscription journeys, designed to guide product managers.

Fintech Scouting & User Journey Design

Creating space for implementation

Dive in the fintech ecosystem to access key partners to speed up product development. Fintech Solutions provides the necessary due diligence and functional analysis to establish the foundations of collaboration.

Case Study

Scouting & Matchmaking program to improve PFM App

Explore how Fintech Solutions improved engagement in the DABOX app by facilitating collaboration between fintechs and CGD.

Pilot Development & Testing of Products

Building digital journeys with market validation

As catalysts for digital fintech transformation,​ Fintech Solutions supports the creation and deployment of tailored methodologies of Experiment Design that accelerate time to market and gather direct feedback from the end users.

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