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Knowledge & Learning

Fuelling Innovation paths by creating space for knowledge


Create impactful training experiences that explore connections to the fintech ecosytem to boost innovation and product development in your organization.



Collaborate to develop top research articles and reports that both support decision taking but also serve as public knowledge to society.

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Stay ahead in the fintech landscape with applied programs tailored for corporates that lead innovation in financial services.

Get in touch with the team to create the customized experience that fits with your organization's needs. 

Check the off the shelf training programs

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For corporate innovators that seek to streamline innovation in their organizations with a focus on the fintech startup ecosystem

Fintech Ecosystem Deep Dive Training

For organizations looking to get a first impression of what does the portuguese fintech ecosystem looks like and how can the organization extract value from it. 

Ecosystem Creationimage.png

For product managers or corporate innovators that seek to find new ecosystems to leverage their products or services in the financial sector

Case Studies

Check Zurich's tailor-made fintech training program

Zurich_Casestudy cover.png

Not what you're looking for? 

Get in touch with the team to create the customized experience for your organization.

Other resources

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