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Corporate Innovation Management

Providing a structured approach to drive corporate disruption

Internal Innovation Lab

Create internal platforms to speed up product co creation with internal resources. Strengthen the capacity of your organization to work with the ecosystem and to experiment faster and cheaper.

Case Study

novobanco's first internal innovation program

novobanco worked with Fintech Solutions to launch an internal Innovation and Talent Lab. The main objective was to provide internal teams a fast track to propose, develop and test new products or ideas.


Collaboration with the Fintech Ecosystem

Evaluation and selection of solutions that strictly align with the innovation and strategic objectives of the corporates.

Maturing of ideas into well-defined projects so that these have more probability of delivering value. Fostering and accompanying in the assessment of its feasibility.

Case Study

Fast track to solve critical challenges with the fintech ecosystem

Accelerates the collaboration between fintechs and corporates, enabling a fast time to market of solutions.

Fintech Innovation LabCinzento.png

Fintech Innovation Lab

Innovation Processes & Frameworks

Build internal processes that foster impact and consequence. Design the best innovation framework to your culture to guarantee end to end delivery. Beyond fancy frameworks, focus on engagement internal areas and defining transparente governance.

Fostering Internal Innovation

Interconnecting the Ecosystem

We support innovation by being experts in creating an innovation and disruptive solutions culture, promoting growth and costumer-focus mindsets across and inside companies.

Expand the focus beyond internal improvement and explore external collaboration with external stakeholders and startups. With our support, companies can go even further, have contact with diverse perspectives and accelerate their innovation journeys.

What is the right innovation vehicle for your organisation? 

 Get to know more about the ways to do it.

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