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Fintech knowledge and training in one place. 
Your source for insights and studies about startup collaboration, fintech technologies, trends and collaborative innovation. 

Research Reports


Insurtech Solutions and Trends

A food for thought study for insurtech innovation. This study includes more than 70 startups with interesting use cases for incumbent collaboration. Divided into insurance products and value chain solutions immerse yourself into the insurance journey of the future.

Streamlining Innovation with Fintechs

the fintech guide for successful PoCs

A research that included more than 60 startups and incumbents that resulted on a practical on how to collaborate with the fintechs

A must-read for organisations becoming innovation driven. 

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Startup Onboarding
How to remove the friction

Innovation in a organisation is divided into agility to test new solutions and compliance to manage risks.

This One Pager Research Project reflects the best practices on how can corporates streamline internal practices to facilitate the onboarding of a startup in the organisation, 


Stay informed on the latest trends and best practices of corporate startup innovation. Talk with us and prepare your organisation to the future of financial services.

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