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Ecosystem perspectives on accounting opening in Portugal

This article intends to study the Portuguese landscape for account openings. It focuses on individuals, self-employed and business accounts, looking at the main national and challenger banks and interviewing several fintech players in the field.

The article is powered by Fintech Solutions and Fintech House, the must go hub for fintech in Europe.


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For whom is this article?

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Individuals entering the national ecosystem who are seeking insights into the latest trends and challenges in KYC and bank account opening processes.


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Disclaimer: The current document represents a simple benchmark exercise to showcase how insurtech startups are innovating in the sector. The selection of startups was based on the identification of interesting features in different insurances journeys or products and does not represent a recommendation or a ranking of startups. Startups were included based on available information about their business and suggestions from ecosystem experts. Inclusion of startups was free of charge for the startups.

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