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Fintech Innovation Lab

Designed by the fintech ecosystem as the platform for experimentation

Join the Lab as a Corporate Innovator

Beyond matching startups, the lab provides context, tools and people to build real partnerships.

The lab was built upon the feedback from startups and mature players on the
challenges of open innovation.

How to focus entirely on value generation?

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Reach further

Beyond open innovation this is a space for those that seek to reinvent their journeys and extract the maximum value from the ecosystem.

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Contribute to roadmap with critical use cases

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Understand the market and opportunities

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PMO team to support interactions

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Lab Alumni


Take a look

at last year´s Fintech Innovation Lab.

About the Lab

The Fintech Innovation Lab was created in 2021 to remove the friction in the collaboration between corporates and startups.

Know more about the previous editions.

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