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Fintech Innovation Lab

Designed by the fintech ecosystem as the platform for experimentation

The 2nd edition of the Lab is now over.
Stay tuned for news about the next edition!



The Journey Ahead

Innovation made light

1. Application Period

Check the use cases or areas presented and submit your interest to propose solutions through the application form. There will be a selected batch of startups to move on to the next phase.

2. Engagement with corporates

If selected, you will run one on one meetings with corporates to assess the fit of both sides. At the end of this period both sides, corporates and startups validate interest of testing a potential partnership with one another.

3. Co design a Test or Partnership

Propose first steps and build a relationship with the corporates during the program. Define an action plan for a partnership.


Corporate Innovators



Corporate Innovators

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Beyond matching startups, the lab provides context, tools and people to build real partnerships.

The lab was built upon the feedback from startups and mature players on the challenges of open innovation.

How to focus entirely on value generation?



Corporate Innovators

What's in for the Startups


Value Proposition

The lab was designed to answer the needs of startups with ready to market solutions.


Lead generation and interaction with key people

Mentors and advisors available

Direct interaction with mature players

Light program, no bootcamps and pitch day

Support from dedicated team along the process

The Challenges



Ecosystems & Partnerships

•Beyond Banking and Beyond Insurance

•Value added services

•Client centric offerings, such as Gen Z, Silver Economy, Pets, etc.

Client Engagement

•Customization and optimization of UX

•Financial Literacy, Gamification, Cashbacks, Loyalty

•Robo Advisory (retail invest)

•ESG – profile, sustainable finance and carbon compensation

Operations Performance

•Conversational tools, IVR and others

•Financial Literacy and internal support to teams

•Data management and fraud prevention

•Data driven insights 

Payments & Open Banking

•Payments and e-commerce solutions

•PFM, BFM, Categorization of expenses and account aggregation

•B2B solutions

•Payments in conversational

Regtech & Cybersecurity

•end-to-end KYC, biometric solutions and authentication tools

•Identity and transaction fraud prevention


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Calendar & Resources


Close of application period 

Presentation of the Corporates

The lab closes the class of corporate innovators and onboards the teams.


Shortlist announcement

Official Launch

Execution of the Launch Event of the program and kick off of startup scouting


Lab kick off 

Conclusion of Scouting

Close scouting stage and selection of startups based on product fit and maturity.


Close acceleration period and final meetup 

Conclusion of the Program

Execution of the one on one interactions and design of tests and partnerships. Final event.

The program is in stealth mode until official presentation.

You can read all information about the progam on the regulation below.


About the Lab

The Fintech Innovation Lab was created in 2021 to remove the friction in the collaboration between corporates and startups.


Know more about the 1st edition of the Lab

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